Here are links to complete songs based on my lyrics (All are copyright protected):

They took Out The Bend, my lyrics and melody, performed by Eric Butterfield

A country song about what happens to a town when Route 66 is diverted and bypasses it.

It’s Later Than You Think, music by Elisabeth Roberts, vocals by Chris Hierro

Showtune arrangement of a song using sailing as a metaphor for life.

Sea of Life, music by Elisabeth Roberts, vocals by Chris Hierro

Another show tune on the theme of sailing as a metaphor for life.

Christmas Time, my song, produced by SCAMP studios:’s-christmas-time

The lyrics won a competition (GISC quarterly lyric contest) the prize for which was this studio production and ownership of the song.

Her Song, third in the “Broadway” series, produced by Elisabeth Roberts.


Here’s a link to Amber Neff’s rendition of her song I Don’t See You On The Menu, lyrics by me:


Winter’s Song

Another showtune based on my lyrics with musical arrangement by the wonderful Elisabeth Roberts and sung by Ronan Scolard:’s-song


I’m OK Now

Robert “Bobby” Sommerstein has put my bitter-sweet lyrics to music:’m-ok-now


Another version of It’s Later Than You Think. Music and performance by Paul Henry: