I’ve written some lyrics in the AAA song structure.

The AAA song structure is the most basic form of song, it consists only of verses. There is no chorus to build up to, no bridge, no intro, no outro. You can have as many verses as you like, but they are all of the same internal structure. At the end of each verse there is often a repeated refrain.

How boring, you may think, but when I tell you that Blowin’ In The Wind by Dylan and Bridge Over Troubled Waters by Simon and Garfunkel are both AAA songs, you may rethink. And there are many, many more AAA, or Strophic form, songs around.

Strophic is from strophe which is Greek for “turn” and in Greek plays the strophe was a verse that swept across the orchestra from one side to the other and then turned and swept back – the anti-strophe.

My song, In The Afterglow Of Dreams, is about waking up. An afterglow, or alpenglow, is when the setting sun briefly illuminates snow covered peaks before disappearing over the horizon. I’ve used this phenomenon as a metaphor for waking from a dream – those few moments before full awakening.

Here’s the song:

In The Afterglow of Dreams

2022©John Schofield

Verse 1

Subtle shades of dark dissolve

Into half-remembered scenes

Sighs and slow awakening

In the afterglow of dreams

Verse 2

Vague thoughts and recollections

Are they really what they seem?

These strange hallucinations

In the afterglow of dreams

Verse 3

Waking brings back memories

Of someone’s silent scream

One disturbing moment seen

In the afterglow of dreams

Verse 4

Pushing through that barrier

Lets the morning sunlight stream

Bringing full awakening

In the afterglow of dreams