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All the lyrics here are free-to-use, help yourself. If you produce a song using my lyrics please acknowledge the fact in your liner notes and send me a link or file so I can hear what you’ve done. If I like it, I’ll post your song on the songs page.

When you add music to lyrics, that’s when the magic happens and that’s why I hand out my lyrics.

A bit about me: My name is John Schofield. I’m also known as Salty John, a nickname from my days of small boat cruising, and as John S Alty, an anagram of my nickname.

For many years I’ve been a writer – magazine articles, short stories, memoir, sailing books – and a few years ago I turned my hand to song writing. I’ve done the courses, read the books and articles, and decided my strength is writing lyrics, leaving the music, production and performances to others. I do play guitar and sing, but only in the privacy of my own home.

I’ve had some success in song competitions, including the UK Song Contest (winner 2020, lyrics section) and some less well-known contests. I also made the top ten in the Commonwealth Resounds search for a new Commonwealth song to be sung by 54 choirs around the world to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee in 2022. I’m particularly proud of that one.

I’m always happy to receive your comments and suggestions.

John Schofield


  1. Elisabeth

    Very nice blog you’ve created, John! I’m enjoying it! ~ Elisabeth

    • admin

      Thank you, Elisabeth.

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