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Month: February 2022


I’ve just been informed I am a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition., 2021, for my lyrics “It’s Later Than You Think”. Cool.

The competition has 21,000 entries and 11% made it to the semis. Fingers crossed for the finals! And I get this big logo thing to display:

Lyrics and music, hand-in-hand

Lyrics come from the head and music comes from the soul, but they both have the same task – to create emotion. The trick is to make sure both are evoking the same emotion.

If you’re writing lyrics to music you need to be sure you aren’t subverting the composer’s intentions in order to accommodate your lyrics. Similarly, if you’re writing music to lyrics it’s important to recognise the emotion those lyrics evoke and compose appropriately. A dirge-like melody is not going to sit happily with words of a glorious spring and budding romance, and a happy floating melody shouldn’t be dragged down by funereal lyrics.

Food for thought.

How could we have known

Just added lyrics for a song about dementia, at Lyrics 2. Not the most cheerful subject by any means, but sometimes sad songs can have a beneficial effect. This is certainly true for songs about personal relationships, so why not about other difficult situations?

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